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PO Box 10 | 71-75 Route 70
Bay de Verde, Newfoundland & Labrador
Telephone: (709) 587-2260
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Fire Department

Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary


President, Juanita Emberley
Vice-President, Elizabeth North
Secretary, Angela Broderick
Treasurer, Marilyn Broderick
Common Member, Marylynn North


Darlene Hatch
Margaret Riggs
Jackie Doyle
Doreen Walsh
Cavell Curl
Judy Doyle
Dionne Potter
Erica Emberley
Christy Coish
Ashley Noonan
Amanda North

Bay de Verde Fire Department Members

Ambrose Broaders, Chief
Jeremy Doyle, 1st Assistant Chief
Melvin Coish, 2nd Assistant
Yancy Curl, Chairman
Dale Walsh, 1st Captain/Vice Chairperson
Joey Power, 2nd Captain 

Brian Walsh
Dean Potter
Kirk Rice
Damien North
Joseph Kelly
Jordan Power, Secretary 
Jamie Broderick
Randy Coish
Joel Doyle
David North
Ryan Doyle

Bay de Verde Fire Department Receives Big Donation!
Christmas comes early to the Bay de Verde Fire Department.

Wayne Quinlan of Quinlan Brothers Limited in Bay de Verde, delivered a very generous gift of $5,000 to Bay de Verde Fire Department Fire Chief Ambrose Broaders this week. This was a commitment made by Quinlan Brothers Limited when the new truck arrived, to help stock the equipment on the truck.

Some items needed are hose, nozzles and connections, along with various other odds and ends. The fire department is doing well and with donations like this, makes it all the better. 

Quinlan Brothers Limited is one of Newfoundland's biggest seafood processors. The company processes crab, shrimp, cod, capelin, etc. It is one of the fastest growing seafood producers in the province in spite of all the downsizing, this company has grown.

At this time we would like to thank anyone who has helped us over the year in any way. And, wish the residents of Bay de Verde, Red Head Cove and Grates Cove a Merry Fire Free Christmas.

Long Service Awards Given
On March 8th the Bay de Verde Fire Department hosted a fundraising event.  During this event, the Mayor of Bay de Verde had the honour of presenting Yancy Curl with his 20 year Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal and his NL Fire Services Long Term Service Medal.

The Town would like to thank Mr. Curl for his long term dedication and continued service with the Bay de Verde Volunteer Fire Department.

The Town of Bay de Verde

Long Term Service Bars Presented
On March 8th the Bay de Verde Fire Department hosted a fundraising event.  During this event, the Mayor of Bay de Verde had the honour of presenting Fire Chief, Ambrose Broaders with his 30 year Fire Services Exemplary Service First Bar and his NL Fire Services Long Term Service 2nd Service Bar.

The Town would like to thank Chief Broaders for his long term dedication, devotion and continued service with the Bay de Verde Volunteer Fire Department.

The Town of Bay de Verde

Bay de Verde Fire Department

P.O. Box 10
Bay de Verde, NL A0A 1E0

Emergency: (709) 587-2011
Tel: (709) 587-2780
Fax: (709) 587-2049

General Contact Names & Numbers
Bay de Verde Emergency: (709) 587-2011
Bay de Verde Ambulance: (709) 587-2200
Bay de Verde Van Mobile Phone: (709) 682-3780
Bay de Verde Town Office: (709) 587-2260

Newfoundland Power: 1-800-474-5711     
Power Outages/Emergencies:1-866-667-5511

Old Perlican Fire Department - Emergencies: (709) 587-2229
Old Perlican Fire Department - Soc. Room: (709) 587-2144  
Old Perlican Van Mobile Phone: (709) 682-1032    
Old Perlican Fire Department Chief (Roger Burt): (709) 587-3016

Fire Patrols: (709) 722-0631            
Fire Commissioner - St. John's: (709) 729-1608
Fire Commissioner - Deer Lake: (709) 635-4152

RCMP Harbour Grace: (709) 596-5014
Canadian Coast Guard: (709) 772-5151
Department of Transportation: (709) 584-3974

Fire Chief's Message
Welcome to our new website, where we will try to inform our residents of activities and keep you up to date on what is going on in our department.

Our fire department was started in 1976 and like most departments in Newfoundland we started small, with just the bare tools to fight a fire. We started to fundraise, and in time added equipment to help do the job better. With the generous help of our residents and neighboring communities we have today a very good list of equipment that can do almost any job.

As a department, we are ready to provide protection in different areas such as Fire, Medical Assistance, and Vehicle Extraction (Jaws of Life). We cover an area for fire that includes Bay de Verde, Red Head Cove and Grates Cove and offer mutual aid to neighboring towns, such as Old Perlican and the North Shore. We offer our vehicle extraction tools to our area and split the North Shore with Harbour Grace and the Trinity Shore with Hearts Delight.

We recently acquired a new 2013, 1050 GPM, 1000 gallon pumper truck, with the help of the Provincial and Municipal Government. Both have helped us a lot over the years. We also have a 2001, Ford 4 x 4, 2 ton auxiliary truck, which is a second Fire Truck. It has pumps, hoses and all the gear except water. Our third truck is a 1998 Ford Cube Van. It is used for Medical Assistance and it carries the Jaws of Life, a very important package.

We have 24 volunteers equipped with personal pagers to assist the public in emergency situations.

I would like to end this message by saying thank you to all the Firemen, Auxiliary Members, Councilors and Families of the Firemen for all the continued support I have received as Fire Chief for the past 17 years. Without all your help, my job would be a lot harder.

Keep fire safe,

Ambrose Broaders, Fire Chief

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Town of Bay de Verde
Tel: (709) 587-2260
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PO Box 10 | 71-75 Route 70
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