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74 entries.
Yolande Cormier from Aldonane, N.B. wrote on August 29, 2005:
Very interesting information.
Ron and Claudette LeBlanc from Grand Barachois, N.B. wrote on August 29, 2005:
Excellent display and educational.
Bill Blundon from Bala, Ontario wrote on August 24, 2005:
I have just relived my childhood in 45 minutes. Fabulous display.
Austin & Laverne Pelley from Harcourt, TB wrote on August 22, 2005:
Good to see the old artifacts preserved and put in a place for people to see.
Randy & Yvonne Pelley from Harcourt, TB wrote on August 22, 2005:
Excellent display.
D Din from BC wrote on August 19, 2005:
Most beautiful spot & museum – hoping the cod come back.
Werner & Beatrice Zapka from San Francisco, California wrote on August 27, 2004:
From the Pacific to the Atlantic! We are happy to be here on this absolutely beautiful day and we are fascinated by the picturesque beauty of this place.
Lise and Richard Fuhr from Montreal wrote on August 27, 2004:
Have a most pleasant vacation time on the Island. It is sheer beauty all around!
Carole from Guelph, Ontario wrote on August 21, 2004:
Thank you for adding to my knowledge of this great land we live in and to the greatness of Newfoundland.
Ashley Hatch from Student Interpreter wrote on August 21, 2004:
It's been a great pleasure working here for the last 4 weeks. There is so much history in this house. I will always remember the history I have learned. I can't think of a better summer job than this one. Courtney and Amanda have been excellent co-workers and Carl a great manager. Hope to see you again next year. All the best.
Alexander Riggs from Ottawa, Ont. wrote on August 17, 2004:
A remarkable representation of the heritage and history of the Bay de Verde people. This display has provided my two sons (Jonathon & Nicholas) with a very unique view of Newfoundland out-port life. I am most impressed at the dedication you have bestowed upon our veterans and their sacrifice given to build this great nation an the freedoms we all enjoy today.
Betty Ann Brekka from Coach/Driver, Halifax N.S. wrote on August 17, 2004:
Great Museum.
Ivy & Alvin Cassell from Deer Lake, NL wrote on August 16, 2004:
Just beautiful, great when you know some of the people who lived here.
The Andersons from Gander, NL wrote on August 13, 2004:
By far, the best heritage home I've ever visited.
Margaret Osler from Calgary, Alberta wrote on August 11, 2004:
Donald Blundon from Quebec wrote on August 11, 2004:
Very interesting.
Lily Penney (nee Reynolds) & Don wrote on July 18, 2004:
This is a beautiful historic house. So many memories of years gone by. Keep up the good work here. Will forever remember.
Kay Tizzard wrote on July 16, 2004:
What a beautiful house. So nice to see the history of Newfoundland come alive. Keep up the good work and be proud of your heritage.
James Noonan from Fort McMurray, Alberta wrote on July 13, 2004:
After so many years away from home, I was delighted to come home and see so many wonderful people and places that I still hold dear to my heart. This house is an example of the pride of the Bay de Verde people. I'm proud to be part of this community. May you always find joy and happiness and success in this town. May God Bless you all.
Marilyn wrote on July 13, 2004:
My name is Marilyn, Granddaughter of Mr. Blundon, Daughter of Ruth Blundon. The last time I was here was a age 16 when Aunt Dorothy was living here. This is a very special day to come back to my mom's and grandfather's house and I will remember it always. Thank you for keeping the house full of memories! My sister, Judy, lives in Toronto also and wishes everyone well and Ruth & Benny.