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Town Beautification

The town of Bay de Verde is one of the most naturally scenic environments in all of Canada.

In 2004, our beautiful town won the 'Tidy Towns Award' in its population category.

Any small effort towards improving your residential or commercial property will encourage your neighbours to also improve their own maintenance practices.

Civic pride surrounding the appearance of our town inspires greater population growth and tourism. It also triggers investment and jobs into our local economy.

Here's How You Can Help

Do not litter our streets or highways • Mow lawns and trim unsightly growth • Keep property clear of debris • Store wood piles in a hidden place • Remove damaged trees or branches • Mend fences and damaged signs • Paint surfaces that are peeling • Replace all broken windows & worn doors • Replace faded or damaged vinyl siding • Fix shingled roofs that are in disrepair • Remove dilapidated buildings or sheds • Maintain vacant properties and buildings • Park large commercial vehicles out of sight • Do not leave abandoned vehicles on display • Plant flowers and trees • Create volunteer beautification committees