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Local Scenery

The town of Bay de Verde is located in Conception Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador near the extreme end of the Bay de Verde Peninsula - or what is known today as 'The Baccalieu Trail'. Experience all that this incredible region has to offer. Iceberg & whale watching, incredible food & folk, festivals - all amongst mystical rugged ocean coastline and vast wilderness of pristine valleys & lake-dotted mountains.

For the energetic visitor to the Heritage House, you can take the Spring Boardwalk to the top of the cliff, turn right at Springhill Road, then turn left on Harbour Hill Road and on to Ladderpoint Road where you can take a very scenic four kilometre walking trail to 'Lazy Rock' which overlooks the surrounding seascape and beautiful Conception Bay.

Our once-isolated community was originally settled by planters, colonists who were trying to avoid French raiders in the 1600's

Local Scenery of Bay de Verde