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Fire Chief’s Message

Our fire department was started in 1976 and like most departments in Newfoundland we started small, with just the bare tools to fight a fire. We started to fundraise, and in time added equipment to help do the job better. With the generous help of our residents and neighboring communities we have today a very good list of equipment that can do almost any job.

As a department, we are ready to provide protection in different areas such as Fire, Medical Assistance, and Vehicle Extraction (Jaws of Life). We cover an area for fire that includes Bay de Verde, Red Head Cove and Grates Cove and offer mutual aid to neighboring towns, such as Old Perlican and the North Shore. We offer our vehicle extraction tools to our area and split the North Shore with Harbour Grace and the Trinity Shore with Hearts Delight.

We recently acquired a new 2013, 1050 GPM, 1000 gallon pumper truck, with the help of the Provincial and Municipal Government. Both have helped us a lot over the years. We also have a 2001, Ford 4 x 4, 2 ton auxiliary truck, which is a second Fire Truck. It has pumps, hoses and all the gear except water. Our third truck is a 1998 Ford Cube Van. It is used for Medical Assistance and it carries the Jaws of Life, a very important package.

We have 24 volunteers equipped with personal pagers to assist the public in emergency situations.

I would like to end this message by saying thank you to all the Firemen, Auxiliary Members, Councilors and Families of the Firemen for all the continued support I have received as Fire Chief for the past 17 years. Without all your help, my job would be a lot harder.

Keep fire safe,

Ambrose Broaders, Fire Chief