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Heritage Premises

The house was donated by Mrs. Dorothy Blundon and family to the Town of Bay de Verde on September 16, 1996 - exactly 100 years after it was constructed. It is now preserved and used as a Heritage House.

Local Scenery

Experience all that this incredible region has to offer. Iceberg & whale watching, incredible food & folk, festivals - all amongst mystical rugged ocean coastline and vast wilderness of pristine valleys & lake-dotted mountains.

Hiking Trail

The Lazy Rock Hiking Trail begins at the Heritage Premises and ends at historic Lazy Rock approximately three kilometres away. This route has a special significance as it was the first path which led along the shoreline and out of Bay de Verde.

Baccalieu Island Exhibit

The Baccalieu Island Exhibit was officially opened as part of the Bay de Verde Heritage House on July 5, 1999. The exhibit was funded by the Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Tourism. It portrays the many and varied aspects of Baccalieu and is truly worth seeing.

Fishing Community

The north side of the harbour has seen a complete facelift with the construction of a new breakwater and a new dock extending all along Blundon’s Point. With the expansion of the processing plant by Quinlan Brothers and all the recent construction, the Bay de Verde waterfront has taken on a whole new look.

Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve

Baccalieu Island is the largest protected seabird island in Newfoundland and Labrador. During the summer, it has more types of breeding seabirds than any other seabird colony in the province.

Historic Anglican Church

Construction of the first Church of England church in Bay de Verde began in 1821. In 1886, construction began on the third St. Barnabas Church under the tenure of Reverend William How. The new St. Barnabas Church was consecrated by Bishop Jones on May 12, 1891.

Historic Roman Catholic Church

The new church was built just to the south of the old church on land donated by James Noonan. Because of the unique architecture of Father Donnelly’s church plans, three master carpenters were hired for its construction. They were James O’Neill and John Brady from Bay de Verde and Thomas Hogan from Northern Bay.