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Hiking Trail

Lazy Rock Hiking Trail

This route has a special significance as it was the first path which led along the shoreline and out of Bay de Verde. To get out of the community, the early settlers had to walk up over the Spring and along by Canaille, through Ladderpoint and on past the Scrapes to Broomcove. From there the old footpath zig-zagged up the steep slope to a large prominent rock where there was a small grassy spot. It is quite likely that travellers were only too happy to take a spell and perhaps boil the kettle and take a well-deserved rest before continuing on their journey.

The first documented mention of Lazy Rock comes from the journal of Reverend Oliver Rouse, a resident Anglican clergyman who came to Bay de Verde in the 1840’s. On January 12, 1850 an entry in Rouse’s journal reads as follows: “Maria, Mr Hutchings and I walked to Bonhay, via Lazy Rock”.

Lazy Rock Hiking Trail begins at the Heritage Premises & ends three kilometres away