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Town Council

Town Council Members

Mayor, Gerard Murphy
Deputy Mayor, Louis Keats
Councillor, Christopher Coish
Councillor, Scott Coish
Councillor, Angela Doyle 
Councillor, Juanita Emberley
Councillor, Dean Potter

Maintenance Operator, Dale Walsh
Assistant, Clayton Brown

History of Town Council

In 1949 (shortly after Confederation), several of Bay de Verde’s more far-sighted and civic-minded individuals who had grown up with the perpetual problem of lack of water, decided to approach the newly elected Newfoundland government to discuss the possibility of obtaining a water supply for the community. The result was the appointment of the first Town Council in 1950. However, having the basics of a municipal structure thrust upon them so suddenly, and not fully understanding how it would benefit the community, some residents began to vigorously oppose it. As a result, in 1951 the struggling council disbanded without ever having fulfilled any of its objectives.

By the mid 1970’s, the civic and social structure of Bay de Verde had changed. A new drive began to obtain the same services that other towns in Newfoundland were already enjoying. In January of 1975, a new town council was elected and Bay de Verde was on its way to developing into the modern town that it is today. A municipal tax structure was put in place, water and sewer projects began, a volunteer fire department was formed, new street lighting was installed and many of the roads were paved.