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War Veterans

World War I began in 1914 and Bay de Verde with a population of about 800 people made a significant contribution to the fighting power of the Armed Forces by sending eight of its young men to fight in the war.

In addition to calling for volunteers for the Royal Navy, England also asked the Commission of Government of Newfoundland to recruit two thousand loggers to engage in timber operations in the British Isles. The Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit was formed on November 19, 1939. Volunteers from Bay de Verde were:

Albert Blundon Born December 6, 1910 son of Stephen and Mary Ellen Blundon
Harry Blundon Born 1900 son of Stephen and Mary Ellen Blundon
Levi Coish Born 1918 son of Allan Coish and Alice Button
Frank Coish Born 1917 son of Thomas Coish and Florence Snow
Thomas Coish Born June 11, 1899 son of Robert Coish and Hannah Sutton
Isaac Emberley Born August 23, 1913 son of Isaac Emberley and Amelia Milley
James Fitzgibbons Born December 11, 1911 son of William Fitzgibbons and Catherine Power
Michael Moore Born 1904 son of Andrew Moore and Elizabeth Doyle
Maurice Noonan Born April 14, 1912 son of Thomas Noonan and Mary Hennessey
James Riggs Born July 31, 1905 son of Thomas Francis Riggs and Mary Lynch
Andrew Riggs Born July 6, 1899 son of Thomas Francis Riggs and Mary Lynch
Thomas Riggs Born 1920 son of Patrick Riggs and Elizabeth Mullally
John Walsh Born April 2, 1897 son of Michael Walsh and Mary Jo Traverse