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Heritage Guest Book

74 entries.
Gerald Riggs wrote on January 3, 2017
On behalf of the Bay de Verde heritage Committee, I would like to thank all those who in any way helped the Committee over the past year. The heritage Premises has grown over the years to include many new sites. Each site displays the Heritage of our town. I hope we have a good and productive 2017.
Gerald Riggs from Bay de Verde wrote on November 3, 2016
Once again this year, on behalf of the Heritage Committee, I would like to thank Lisa and Darlene for organizing Halloween at the Heritage Premises. Its become a welcomed tradition. Fifty-one children visited and I am sure they will have great memories of a wonderful experience. Again thanks!
Gerald Riggs from Bay de Verde wrote on January 1, 2016
On behalf of the Bay de Verde Heritage Committee, I would like to thank all those people who in any way helped to enhance the Heritage Premises over the past year – 2015. Your continued support is essential to this continuing development. The purpose of the Heritage Committee is to preserve and present the rich Cultural Heritage of Bay de Verde. Again thanks.
Gerald Riggs from Bay de Verde wrote on August 28, 2014
The Bay de Verde Heritage Days were a great success again this year-both financially and otherwise.The Heritage Committee wishes to thank all those volunteers who made this possible. The fireworks were over the top, the cold-plates were delicious, the live music was excellent, the weather gods were with us, the children thoroughly enjoyed the bouncy castle and the people came in droves. What more can we ask? Until next year!
Gerald Riggs wrote on August 26, 2014
On behalf of the Bay de Verde Heritage Committee I would like to congratulate the band PEACE for the two excellent shows last friday and saturday nights. The music was great.It was a joint effort with the Fire Dept, the Heritage Committee and the band. We all did very well.
Lewis Alexander Bursey from Markham, ON wrote on March 25, 2014
In 1748 Uriah Mitchell Bursey came to Old Perlican. Joseph and Richard Bursey arrived in 1750. The William Warn Ledger 1749-1759, shows the family tree has a direct link to England. The oldest recorded English deed in Newfoundland is a land indenture that dates to March 11, 1712, when John Carter sold his plantation in Old Perlican to John Barret. John Carter was the son of William Carter, Mayor of Poole, England. John is thought to have arrived at least 7 years earlier as an indentured servant.
Gerald Riggs wrote on August 23, 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brendan Doyle for organizating this website on behalf of the Town and the Heritage committee. The company that he had do it, did an amazing job. It is easy to navigate through and certainly pictures our town and the heritage premises in a very positive light. The pictures and the information links are enough to keep you on this site for hours. As always, Bay de verde looks great. Excellent job!!
Chairman – Bay de Verde Heritage Committee
Don Cosh from Nova Scotia wrote on August 1, 2013
I can hardly wait to visit BDV. I just learned last year that my ancestors came from there. James Cosh and Annie Emberley Cosh were born in Bay Dr Verde. His mother and father were Mary Ann Norris and John Cosh who were married in 1865. I spoke to Brendan last year and am excited about visiting your beautiful little town.
Reg & Doreen Bowering from Mount Pearl, NL wrote on August 8, 2007
Very interesting and well done.
Terry Ryan from La Scie, NL wrote on August 8, 2007
Very impressive, Nice to see your efforts at preserving our wonderful history and culture!!
Emma Bullen from Harbour Breton, NL wrote on August 6, 2007
This house is really amazing very well kept. Really enjoy going through this house. Be very proud.
Bruce, Sharon, Shannon & Courtney Barbour from Portugal Cove – St. Philips wrote on August 6, 2007
Great House – well kept.
Millie & Randell Crane from Cavendish, TB wrote on August 5, 2007
A wonderful place. You have a beautiful building and should be proud of it.
Margie Plunkett from Ft. Lauderdale wrote on August 4, 2007
Wonderful. Nicely presented.
B & E McCann from NL wrote on August 3, 2007
Dave Blundon, son of Felix Noonan and Carol Blundon wrote on July 31, 2007
Home for a visit after 22 years.
Linda & Doug Churchill from Glovertown, NL wrote on July 30, 2007
Fascinating place!
The Harris Family from Penarth, UK wrote on July 2, 2007
The best we have visited – brilliant.
Matthew Blundon from Bay de Verde wrote on July 1, 2007
Excellent! Very attracting information to appeal to all! Keep up the excellent work and I hope many, many more people visit here.
Dorothy MacDonald (Mitchell Coish) wrote on June 26, 2007
The Heritage House: brings back old memories of my childhood in Bay de Verde.