Town News

Town Newsletter – 2020

Town of Bay de Verde, NL, Canada - Town OfficeThe 2020 Town Newsletter has been published.  The following topics are outlined: 

COVID-19, COVID funding, community cellular service, emergency response vehicle, sewer outfall, town’s financial situation, concerns/requests from residents, sewer servicing, new town website, thank you’s.

Cellular Service Expansion

Cellular Service ExpansionThe Town of Bay de Verde has been approved to receive cellular boosters, providing coverage for all areas of the town.

Town Office Hours

Town Office HoursPlease call 587-2260 to set up an appointment. Due to COVID 19 restrictions – only one customer at a time is permitted. Face masks are required. We are open from Tuesday thru Friday from 10 am – 3 pm.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency PreparednessThe Town would like to remind residents to always be prepared! 

All residents should have a Disaster Supplies Kit (see list below) that has a three day supply of water, food, and clothing for each person including supplies for family pets.  Replace food and water annually.

– Two litres of drinking water per person/per day
– Non-perishable canned and dried foods
– Can opener and disposable plates and utensils
– Prescription glass/contact lenses and supplies
– Prescription medications
– Personal hygiene items
– First aid supplies
– Battery-operated radio
– Flashlight and batteries
– Cash
– Car and house keys
– Change of clothing and footwear per person
– Copies of essential family documents

For more information to help you and your family get prepared,  visit to know the risks, make a plan and get a kit!